A New-Age alternative to smoking with our own "Home-Town" feeling. It'll warm your heart <3 to see how much we really do care about every single individual that walks through our vape shop's doors. We will sit down for 10 minutes, or 2 hours with each new vaporizer to make sure that this will work for them.




Shawn and Charlene (C.J.) Poole are proud owners of Vapez, LLC. Shawn went from a four pack a day smoker to an E-Cig 3 months ago. He had promised Charlene he would quit with her, in preparation of her neck surgery that took place September 12th, 2012; this is one of many to come. She was diagnosed in early 2011 with fibromyalgia and severe arthritis of the spine. So it was very important to her health to quit smoking.

On September 10th, 2012 Shawn went to another e-cig store and purchased he and Charlen electronic cigarettes and then brought Charlene in for her customization of nicotine and flavor. To this day Charlene and Shawn have not smoked another cigarette. They so appreciated the people the vaping community that they felt the need to open a store in Wakulla County at the North Point Center on Crawfordville Highway so that the people in the Wakulla area would have a safe and healthy choice to quit smoking for good. Shawn, Charlene and Buddy “Pops” Grose look forward to serving everyone personally and professionally.

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